Please note that these are retail prices and they were gathered in January 2017

iPad 128GB or iPad Pro 10.5” – 64GB
and must have a GPS chip
(mostly standard with newer iPads) 

iPad – 128 GB - $429.00 to $559.00 per device
iPad Pro 10.5” – 64 GB - $649.00 to $779.00 per device

Older versions will work so long as they have the required 64GB storage capacity and the GPS chip.

LA County has used the Otterbox for over a year, and not one single iPad has been damaged.  It can be worn around the neck or handheld as in photo below.

Otterbox w/strap – $49.95 per case

Cost Recovery

iPad Safes

Ideal for office storage, have fans built in, and have openings for the charging cables.