What is CalTrap?
CalTrap is a Pest Detection data management application made up of 3 platforms.  They will be used to manage trapping surveys and routes, collect data out in the field, and generate trapping reports.

  • Administrator - creates and manages surveys and routes
  • Supervisor - manages and assigns routes
  • Field Staff - captures trapping data in the field

What hardware will I need?
  • Administrator and Supervisor are accessed through a desktop computer
  • Field Staff is accessed from an iPad

Why only iPads?
There are many tablet options, but to simplify things we chose one. 
Here are our reasons:
  • keep costs down by using only one development language
  • simplifies training and the creation of training materials
  • simplify IT support

Who developed this application?
The mobile version of CalTrap was created by highly customizing Esri’s Collector app. 
The company doing this work is called Latitude Geographics.  They are also creating the desktop versions of this application.  We have included contact info bellow.

Will you create other versions that can be used on Google Android or Microsoft Windows tablets?
We have been told by our developer that after we create the first version of this application, future versions that run on other tablets can be done at a reasonable cost.  This idea warrants further exploration after we complete our main task.

Will this application work where there are no cell towers or connection?
Yes! The application will work in disconnected mode.  Field Staff will have all their maps and data stored in their iPad.  They can then sync when they return to the office or come back into cell tower range.

When can we start using CalTrap to collect trapping data?
We will be rolling out this CalTrap over 2 years starting out in February of 2017.

What trapping programs have you included?
We are starting out with Fruit Fly Trapping.  Japanese Beetle and Gypsy Moth will be ready by May of 2017.  Other programs will be completed throughout the year.

Can we trap for GWSS?
Yes if you are doing so as Piggyback trapping with your Fruit Fly trapping.  Other GWSS activities will be incorporated in the future.

If you have further questions, please feel free to send them our way.