• Fruit Fly Detection trapping data that was manually entered into CalTrap qualifies for a cost recovery of $1.40 per site.  
  • Fruit Fly Detection trapping data that was entered into CalTrap using a spreadsheet qualifies for a cost recovery of $0.6323 per site.
  • Please keep track of the number of sites you've entered.
  • Submit the number of sites you’ve entered to CDFA for reimbursement approval.
  • The Database administrator will verify that the number you’ve submitted matches their records.
  • CDFA gives you the green light to add your reimbursement request to the Detection Contract. 
  • Enter the total amount for reimbursement into your Detection Contract.
Data Conversion
  • Your Fruit Fly Detection trapping books need to be entered into CalTrap using any of the 3 approved methods.
  • Alert CDFA that your data conversion is done.
  • CDFA notifies you that you can purchase your iPads.
  • Purchase the iPads (one iPad per Detection Trapper/Supervisor).
  • Enter the costs of your iPads into your Detection Contract.
  • Get reimbursed through your Detection Contract.  

Note - Save your receipts as a proof of purchase and for future CDFA audits