Welcome to our CalTrap-Info site

We have created this site to keep everyone informed on our progress with CalTrap’s development and deployment, to provide hardware specifications, training materials, answer FAQs, introduce you to our team, and to provide our contact information.

Site Navigation Tips
  • FAQs - What is CalTrap and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Events - Find out where we will presenting next
  • Hardware  - iPad specifications, covers, and storage options
  • Training - Training videos for the data conversion site and training manuals you can download
  • Data Conversion - Methods and evaluation on which method is best for your county
  • Costs Recovery – Find out how to apply for iPad and data entry costs reimbursements
  • Our Team - Meet our team, our Mission Statement and Goals
  • Contact - Send us your questions, get training help, emails and phone numbers

Thank you for visiting us!